Bahaism: colonialism’s stepdaughter rears its head again

Bahaism: colonialism’s stepdaughter rears its head again


–       9 rukoa during prayers and fasting for 19 days and pilgrimage to Acre!!

–       Al-Azhar has decreed that followers of the religion are infidels and affirmed that they are not Muslims

Investigation by Ali El-Noweshy

While the calls for more freedom are increasing in Egypt, some people who call themselves Bahais are trying to get the state to agree to their religion being mentioned in official documents in addition to attempts to obtain judicial verdicts from the administrative judiciary establishing their right to do so.

The Civil Affairs Authority had refused to issue ID cards to the Bahais recording their religion in both personal ID cards and birth certificates, even where they have Egyptian Bahai parents and grandparents with ID cards or birth certificates proving that they are Bahai.

In a new attempt at pressure some Egyptian Bahais met the secretary general of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt and presented to him their demand that they be allowed to issue official documents with their religion recorded in them or that the religious field be left blank. The National Council refused to issue a recommendation to the Civil Affairs Authority that his demand be realised.

Bahais have sought recourse to human rights centres, some of whom, such as the Al-Karama Centre and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, have responded to their pressure and demanded that the government respond to their demands.

In 2002 the United Nations Human Rights Commission called on the Egyptian government to end discrimination against Egyptian Bahais on the grounds that this is a violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which became binding after [Egypt] acceded to it in 1982.

In 2004 decree number 46 was issued which restricted the religious field on ID cards to members of the heavenly religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam or allowed it to be left blank. Bahais say that as a result of this decree they have been deprived of their right to issue official documents unless they accept stating their religion as one of the three religions.

Rejected beliefs

Bahaism is not a divine message and is not a [legally] recognised religion like the [legally] recognised religions. It is an esoteric Gnostic movement no different from fads that appear every day and disappear. Only human rights organisations that give no value to religion and hold that freedom of belief is above everything and above religions themselves recognise it.

Bahaism as an idea is a mixture of several religions and philosophies that offers nothing new to mankind, rather it serves Zionism and colonialism. All the principles of this heresy [bed3a] are against Islam, the most important of which is the doctrine of incarnation, meaning that God appeared and was embodied in the person called Ahmed El-Ehsany and then in the person of the Bab and then in other persons who claimed this calling after him. Baha’ullah was the first to claim that he is the Bab before claiming that he is the Mahdi before he then claimed a personal prophecy and after that a public prophecy before he then claimed he was God.

All this is false and against Quranic provisions, for God is above place and thus He is above embodiment.

Bahais deny the day of judgement and claim that heaven is spiritual life and that hell is spiritual death.

Some claim to have received a revelation and that some of them are better than the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, and that they have written books that oppose the Quran and that their books are more miraculous than the Quran and that Bahaism supercedes all the religions.

They have approved teachings that breach Islamic principles, such as:

–       Prayer is 9 rokoas

–       They face Acre during prayer

–       They abolished pilgrimage to Mecca and made it to Acre

–       They consider the number 19 to be sacred and [translator’s note: this sentence ends abruptly and its meaning is unclear]

This was originally published in Arabic on Ikhwanonline. 


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