International press: wealthy people and Christians are protesting at the Presidential Palace

International press: wealthy people and Christians are protesting at the Presidential Palace


Samer Ismail

US daily the New York Times has reported that wealthy people and Christians took part in protests against the constitutional declaration issued by the President of the Republic and the draft constitution in front of the Presidential Palace.

The NYT reported that security forces withdrew yesterday from in front of the Palace in order to avoid violent clashes with the protesters. This was after the security forces used teargas in response to protesters removing barbed wire placed at entrances to the Palace.

It added that the protests do not indicate a deep division among President Mohamed Morsy’s main support base, at a time when tens of thousands gathered around the Presidential Palace in order to oppose his decisions.

US newspaper the Washington Post meanwhile discussed protesters’ happiness at being in front of the Presidential Palace approaching which during the era of deposed president Hosny Mubarak meant death.

The Washington Post said that President Mohamed Morsy is not like Mubarak because Morsy enjoys the support of the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters. It added that the army, which got rid of Mubarak, doesn’t wish to repeat the cycle again in light of the criticism it faced during the months it was running the country. The newspaper affirmed that it is wrong to believe that the protests will push the President into handing in his resignation.

US newspaper the Los Angeles Times quoted protesters outside the Presidential Palace as saying that they are ready to enter into a bloody confrontation because they know that the MB will not surrender easily.

It added that the protests yesterday reveal that the security forces are less loyal to President Mohamed Morsy and are hesitant about using force against peaceful protesters. It stressed that the anti-Morsy protests that started two weeks ago are not enough to force the President to reverse his decisions.

Like the NYT, the Los Angeles Times affirmed that most of the protesters are well educated and rich.

US newspaper the Christian Science Monitor said that the confrontation over the constitution has reached unprecedented levels, saying that protesters’ threats to storm the Presidential Palace are the first of their kind in Egypt’s history.

US newspaper the Wall Street Journal said that the police withdrew yesterday in order to calm the explosive atmosphere, adding that if the President does not change his stance matters will escalate but if he does he will lose his Islamist support base. It adds that it will be difficult for him to win the support of non-Islamists.

It quotes presidential advisor Ayman El-Sayyad as saying that abrogation of the constitutional declaration now would be political suicide for the president and insufficient to end the crisis.

British newspaper the Guardian said that the protests against the President yesterday happened at the same time as complaints against Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, Hamdeen Sabahy, Amr Moussa and El-Sayyed El-Badawy accusing them of plotting to overthrow the regime were sent for investigation by the newly appointed prosecutor general.

British newspaper the Telegraph affirmed that the President faced a storm of disturbances during his quest to prevent judges appointed by the deposed president Hosny Mubarak from ruining the tumultuous political transition period.

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