The Black Bloc is a destructive group designed for violence and chaos, and calls for societies without institutions

The Black Bloc is a destructive group designed for violence and chaos, calling for societies without institutions


Gabr Al-Masry

The name of the Black Bloc appeared recently on the Egyptian stage and is associated with rioting and violence.

It is a group that emerged in Europe in the 1980s during demonstrations in Germany against laws banning abortion, later moving to the United States and Britain.

This movement attracted the attention of global media during the World Trade Organization Summit in 1999 in Washington when it destroyed a number of shops including Starbucks and Old Navy and was also responsible for large riots in Britain in 2011.

This movement is based on certain tactics in peaceful or violent demonstrations where protesters wear scarves or masks to hide their identities to spread violence in the streets and try to take detainees from the hands of the police.

This movement began emerging in Egypt with the commemoration of the second anniversary of the 25 January Revolution amid a number of hostile acts carried out such as cutting off roads, storming courthouses, and clashing with police. The Black Bloc has taken specific steps in Egypt to spread chaos in objection to the performance of President Mohamed Morsy and for retribution of the killing of the martyrs, in their view.

This movement burned the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in 6th of October City and also claimed responsibility for storming the headquarters of “Ikhwanonline” and burned the office of FJP newspaper, also burning Mo’men restaurants.

The Black Bloc does not belong to the Ultras and consider themselves youth in a different way, which is violence because chanting is not useful and peace will not come to fruition.

The Black Bloc is part of the so-called revolutionary movements such as anarchists and the revolutionary socialists, which reject the idea of establishing a political, presidential, parliamentary, or judicial system and calls for societies without state entities and use violent methods of savagery, murder and arson.

Unexpectedly, a number of activists on Facebook discovered the truth of the Black Bloc, which caused controversy in recent times, especially after claiming responsibility for the burning of Muslim Brotherhood offices in several governorates, as well as involvement in the burning of part of the scientific academy, as well as video clips that activists circulated in which they announced clear and explicit threats regarding a number of sensitive and vital places in the country, especially the Shura Council, the Egyptian Museum, and the Mogamma.

The activists confirmed that Sherif Al-Sirafy, a Coptic activist and important leader in what is known as the “Theban Battalion” (one of the forces of deterrence of the Church), is primarily responsible and the prime mover of this group that suddenly appeared after recent events.

[“The Theban Battalion”] conducted the events at Maspero and participated in the siege of the presidential palace and carried out other acts that sparked controversy and created a big buzz. It posted a video of the burning of the office of Ikhwanonline on YouTube.

It is worth noting that the “Theban Battalion” was launched by a number of Copts to be one of the Church’s radical brigades and has been significantly active over the last two decades.

A magazine speaking on its behalf contains serious sectarian incitement, instigating the Coptic youth to confront Islamists and speaks of the entitlement of Copts to rule Egypt, rejecting what it calls the “Islamic conquest of Egypt.”

originally published on Freedom and Justice Portal


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