Copts…and the Zionist fox

Copts…and the Zionist fox


Khaled Ibrahim

The echo of the bells of the St. Theresa Church on Port Said’s Mohamed Ali Street still ring in my ears. I used to wake up to the sound of their ringing every Sunday morning when I spent the summer holidays in my grandfather’s (RIP) house near the church.

In a previous article I discussed my childhood friend Shenouda and my bright pupil Boula and the noble stances taken by the carpenter Adly Abo Mina, my neighbour in Ain Shams: there was a warm relationship between our two families, even warmer than our relationship with our Muslim neighbours. [Adly] used to do things for me for which he deserved money but he strongly refuse to take any.

Mutual kind treatment between brothers and partners in a nation is neither a luxury nor a choice. It is an absolute duty enjoined in the religion of both parties. In addition, it is a historical truth that has existed for hundreds of years as well as being an absolute necessity for stability and a carefree life.

This introduction was necessary in order that the objective of this article not be misunderstood or be interpreted in an unwanted manner, and it is honest, sincere advice [that must be given to Copts] because they are an essential element of the Egyptian national fabric.

There have been multiple news reports in the Egyptian press in the last few days about a large number of Egyptian Christians travelling to “Israel” in order to visit Jerusalem in occupied Palestine or to spend Easter there.

There is also near-confirmed reports that during the last two months a large number  – 1,000 or 2,000 every month – have travelled to the Zionist entity via Cyprus or Greece.

We remind Egypt’s honourable Copts about the brave, patriotic edict issued by Pope Shenouda III about not travelling to Jerusalem until the end of the “Israeli” occupation. He said: “we will only go with our Muslim brothers”. Pope Tawadrous II issued the same decree after him.

We welcome the statement by Bishop Bassanty, Bishop of Helwan and El-Moassara that any Christian group that goes there does not represent the church or the Pope and the holy congregation and that these are individual acts.

The danger of these visits, especially at this critical juncture in Egypt’s history after its people’s glorious revolution, is represented in the possibility of their being used by enemies of Egypt and her people to fuel discord and spread division and apprehension between both parties. Why should we wait for it to happen if a false rumour is spread that Zionist intelligence forces are easily able to recruit some of these young people and use them in spying and destruction activities?! Imagine if one or two incidents really happened, given the human weakness of all, Muslims and Christians?!

The criminal Zionist fingers slyly encroaching and playing on the sensitive issue of sectarian strife between Egyptians have become clear. This is best illustrated by a statement on an Israeli television website in Hebrew. “The ‘Israeli’ authorities have announced that tens of Christian families will be given the right to emigrate [to Israel] on condition that the Copts have police reports and official papers proving that they were persecuted in Egypt”.

It is not difficult to see the wickedness of this call, especially given that Christians under occupation in Palestine are persecuted in their homeland and subjected to attacks on the things they hold sacred. They have priority for the right to refuge if “Israel” is really an oasis of democracy, security and respect for human rights as it claims. Beware, beware of wicked, sly Zionism, oh partners in our nation.

Originally published in Arabic on Ikhwanonline.


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