Dr. Morsy: The Zionist American Committee on Religious Freedoms

Dr. Morsy: The Zionist American Committee on Religious Freedoms



Dr. Mohammed Morsy, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, stated that the U.S. Congressional Commission on Religious Freedom has shady goals, and its visit to Egypt was only in service of international Zionism, indicating that the Vice-Chair and prominent member of the Commission is Sils Gayers*, the president of the American Jewish Committee, known for her antithetical positions on Egypt, its government and people.

Morsy said: the lack of transparency surrounding the Commission’s visit and its agenda, in addition to its members’ staying at the American Embassy, confirms their pre-existing bad faith towards Egypt, and aims at raising apprehension about the Egyptian people and portraying them as persecuting the Christian minorities among them. He said that the Commission should by rights be visiting other countries that persecute minorities, such as the Palestinians and “48 Arabs” who live in the Zionist entity, and should prioritize going to see the genocide conducted by the Zionist occupation army. It would have been better for them – as they claim to be democratic and in favour of human rights – to research and investigate the practices of American forces in Iraq and in Guantanamo Prison, which history has not witnessed the like of, as if the United States has enslaved the world and granted itself the right to interfere in its affairs in accordance with its interest.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanonline, Dr. Morsy stated that the Commission is biased and racist, biased in form and substance towards the Zionist entity, and forms part of the United States’ plan to be the world’s policeman. He clarified that Egypt has never seen prejudice among its religious groups, and that there is nowhere on earth where faiths coexist as well as they do in Egypt, where Christians practice their beliefs freely, form part of the national fabric, have ministers in the Cabinet and representatives in Parliament, and have strong friendships with Muslims that tie them together historically, to the extent that Muslim men have taken Christian wives, a circumstance unparalleled throughout the world. Even in Europe there is no freedom between Christian denominations comparable with the harmony between the Muslims and Copts of Egypt.

At the same time, he insisted that Egypt is one fabric without fault, and questioned why there was this attempt to portray Egypt as having a problem. He called on the Commission to go to Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans, and even to France, Germany, Italy and Britain, to see for themselves how Muslims are treated there, and how they are persecuted over their Muslim appearance, and how their mosques and companies are threatened.

Dr. Morsy called on the Commission to see what happens in their own country, not against Muslims, but against naturalized citizens, and how they are discriminated against. He stated that the Brotherhood are not against those who defend human rights, but they are against those who try to use this to destroy Egypt and fray its fabric. He clarified that this does not mean they are defending the government, but simply taking a patriotic position against any who try to trifle with what this nation holds dear.

Dr. Morsy affirmed that the Commission’s priority should be to go to Palestine and report on what the Zionist criminal organization is doing to the Palestinians, indicating that there is no greater proof of the Commission’s bad faith and motivations than its country’s refusal to condemn the building of the apartheid wall which was condemned by the International Court of Justice. He asked if any Egyptian had complained to the Commission that they were persecuted? Had anyone said that Egypt has problems between its Christians and Muslims? He denied that anyone could do so except those weak souls who do not want stability in Egypt.

He clarified that these types work alone, and are rejected by the Egyptian church itself because they are attempting to relate the problems of life that occur between citizens, Muslim or Christian, to issues caused by religion and belief. He said that what we want from this Commission is to leave Egypt and never return, because Egypt –its Muslims and Christians – don’t need them.

There was an air of mystery surrounding the Commission’s visit to Egypt from last Thursday, and clear secrecy surrounding its agenda, which begins on Sunday with a meeting with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, then with the Mufti of Egypt, then with Dr. Mostafa El Feky – head of the Parliamentary International Relations Committee, and Pope Shenouda and Archbishop Wissa, and various Coptic figures like lawyer Mamdouh Nakhla, who issued a statement welcoming the Commission’s visit and its intervention in Egyptian affairs.

*”Sils Gayers” is actually Felice D. Gaer

This was originally published in Arabic on Ikhwanonline, but has since been removed. It is accessible here.

  1. bassem said:

    Third paragraph should read: “not impartial” – or something to that effect.

    • SC said:

      Thanks, Bassem. Changed.

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