Dr. Morsy: cancellation of the state of emergency is the first step towards democracy

Dr. Morsy: cancellation of the state of emergency is the first step towards democracy


Dr. Mohamed Morsy, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc in the Egyptian parliament affirmed that his bloc supports all steps aimed at internal stability for the sake of citizens’ security and complete development for Egypt.

Responding to a statement by Interior Minister General Habib El-Adly read out before the Defence and National Security Committee on Tuesday 10 February 2004 and which did not go into details about the torture cases that security officers have been involved in recently, Dr. Morsy said in statements to “Ikhwan Online”: “the nation’s problems can only be solved through legislative stability, implementation of the law, separation of powers and enforcement of legal rulings”.

He affirmed that there exists no doubt ordinary civil and criminal law are capable of dealing with all forms crimes, violations and problems in society and there is absolutely no need to continue implementation of the Emergency Law other than in one set of circumstances – a set of circumstances that Morsy currently thinks exist – and that is the Egyptian regime’s fear that the opposition’s popularity will grow, and its fear that the standard of political, social, cultural and civilized performance in society generally will increase.

He pointed out that such growth frightens the government because it creates a genuine opposition against the corruption of government bodies and the executive branch’s frequent brutality and transgressions against the other branches of power such as judicial and legislative bodies.

Morsy pointed out that there is nothing easier than for top executive bodies in Egypt to be run according to the wills of individuals: applying the law and abiding by judicial verdicts is not an available option because it requires superior ability and energy from the state’s executive body, which must be prepared to hold people to account if they make mistakes and it is proved that the transgression was their fault.

Dr. Morsy considers that the issuing, by some officials – and especially those in the top ministries – of incorrect statements amounts to a disaster because it appears as if these officials are far removed from the Egyptian people and their economic, social and security problems.

Morsy added that many problems and transgressions take place in important and sensitive sectors. The transgressions are at the heart of citizens’ security and which constitute an obstacle to real development which, in its turn, forms the backbone to respect for human rights as well as seriousness of judicial verdicts and compliance with them and lack of manipulation of them aimed at making them lose their credibility with citizens and entrenching a police state rather than a state of law. He pointed out that respect for judicial verdicts is a test that executive bodies in Egypt have got used to failing.

Morsy underlined the importance of cancelling the state of emergency, abolishing exceptional courts and not using any excuses to justify their continuation because they represent the worst kind of transgression of human rights and freedoms. They are the responsibility of the executive authority and their cancellation constitutes a first and genuine step towards real democracy.

This is in addition to the necessary to convincing state institutions of implementing democracy which will only come with real freedom for all of society’s individuals, groups, political parties and people with ideas whatever their political tendencies, ideas or directions and as long as in the end it for the nation’s general good. This requires there to exist a belief in exchange of opinion, in transfer of power and letting the people decide, and that the Ummah is the real source of power. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood are calling for this within a peaceful framework and according to clear, well-known and documented Islamic references that guarantee people dignity and freedom, the real starting point of any reform and any national work.

Dr. Morsy said, “While Egyptian officials’ statements are characterised by detachment from reality and an absence of truth, there is a sort of truth in the statements of some officials, but it is a partial truth at odds with the nature of the age we live in and our society. He pointed out that Egypt and its people deserve more effort and sacrifice.

Originally published in Arabic on Ikhwan Online.


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