The return of military trials!!

The return of military trials!!


The decision to send a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders – including deputy supreme guide Khairat al-Shater – to a military court is not the first in the regime’s list of numerous crimes, it is the lastest entry on this list.

While corrupt businessmen and senior regime figures plunder the country’s capital and hoard it in European and American banks without any opposition from the various relevant authorities, the regime, which has grown old and bloated and is afflicted with political Alzheimers insults the Egyptian people’s intelligence and directs obsolete charges against the nation’s best. These charges remain only in history books as examples of oppressive, corrupt regimes, the place where they deserve to be.

It has become clear that the ruling Egyptian regime cannot bear to hear a single opposition voice now that it is content to make do with fake political parties that understand political opposition as “handouts and wages” and “making a living” rather than political programmes that they seek to implement to save society from the abyss of crises and problems that threaten its present and future.

And when the virtuous sons of the country put forward their programme and vision of how to solve the nation’s problems they are shoved in the depths of prisons and sent for military trial while at the same time the person who made this decision doesn’t dare to send spies, traitors and the country’s enemies to these courts.

This was originally published in Arabic on Ikhwan Online. 


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