Your daughter is a wife of the future – how should you prepare her?!

The oasis of the family – the happy house

Your daughter is a wife of the future – how should you prepare her?!


Iman Ismail

Our children are a gift from God and given to us for safekeeping. God asks all guardians about their subjects…was he protected or did he go astray!!

Mothers build future generations and are the first influence. They must be prepared to be mothers and wives and bear the responsibility of a household. This is a big word that has multiple aspects because a household is like a small community that must provide cleanliness, order and various skills that require a girl be prepared from a young age.

1. Cleanliness

A girl in a house is like basil and so she must leave a good impression. The most laudable characteristic that we want to inculcate in girls from an early age is cleanliness. It is not a trifling matter but rather must be inculcated in girls from when they are small and is divided into the following:

Personal hygiene

Accustomed to bathing regularly

Washing hands and the face three times at least

Teeth washing

Nail trimming and offering praise every time she requests that this be done


Take care to ensure that there are bedclothes and house clothes, and try as much as you can to keep them clean.

While handling food she should always use a towel or apron.

Hand washing before and after meals.

Cleanliness in the home:

Girls should grow up getting used to seeing a clean room with a bin to put waste in so that they grow accustomed to not throwing rubbish just anywhere and gets accustomed to putting everything in its right place. In the evening she should clean the room as much as she can with the assistance of her mother and in accordance with the advice of the Prophet, PBUH, “wash your courtyards and don’t be like the Jews and the Christians”.

Mothers must remember that this is part of our true religion. They should teach their daughters cleanliness and dedicate a reward to their cleanest children in an effort to inculcate this refinement and remind them, “Cleanliness is godliness”.

Teaching purity and its principles such as washing after going to the toilet, its conditions and know how whether at home or outside the home, and that is for habituation.

[Incomprehensible] gradually from her room to outside while making sure not to request fragile things. It is necessary to emphasise that angels enter clean homes and flee dirty ones, and that she is obeying God as long as she obeys her mother.

Chores should be lessened during her studies and her bag and stationary should be checked for cleanliness while always encouraging her with kind words. After meals she should take her plate to the sink and gradually start washing it with the help of her mother at first before being left to do it on her own.


Chocolate wrappers should not be thrown on the ground but rather in a wastebasket and the main rubbish bin should be emptied before bedtime.

Eating without restrictions while moving around the house; she should stay in one place while eating.

The more care is taken of cleanliness the more care is taken to preserve it and the result is a sense of belonging to the place.

2. Order

Order is a continuation of cleanliness, because there is no cleanliness without order…Getting girls used to organising wardrobes with the assistance of their mothers, organising bookshelves, putting clothes in their place, washing her personal things and washing her personal things and gradually learning from her mother how to wash.

And [statement ends here].

This statement was originally published in Arabic on Ikhwan Online. 

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  1. najwalm said:

    Surely, a woman of the future ! Bravo for innovation, creativity and above all for understanding that well the evolution of society. You should have posted this under the headline “a clean house”

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