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AFP publishes a photo of a young Nazarene* man raising the fingers of victory after burning buses they thought belonged to the Brotherhood 


Ahmed Abdel Ghany

A photo was restored from AFP of a young Christian man after the burning of a Brotherhood bus at its headquarters in Moqattam, and a question that has been hidden in people’s chests for several months was asked.

Is it a war on creed?

Is it a renewed version of the crusade against Islam?

Is it a secular alliance with the Church to skin Egyptian society of the Islamic religion?

What does mean for a man who looks like a Salafi to be apprehended only for it to be revealed that he is actually a Nazarene within the ranks of Islamist protesters (this incident happened a few months ago)?

An isolated incident?

Well…why did that Christian lady wear a Muslim hijab and chant in demonstrations against the Egyptian president with Islamic ideology and affiliation?

Finally, was this young man who raises fingers in victory for burning buses told they belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Is there anyone else other than them that have been uncovered through God’s will?

Is it time for vigilance before the nation is stripped of its identity?

Or is it time for sleep…it will take time.

* النصارى el-nasaara loosely translated as “of Nazareth”, is an arguably linguistically neutral term which has acquired a derogatory meaning by the fact that firstly, Egyptian Christians rarely, if ever, use the term to describe themselves and secondly, it has come to be associated with sectarian rhetoric used by some Islamists. We have chosen to translate the term as “Nazarenes”.


In videos: plans to burn down the Presidential Palace on Thursday and Friday


In videos:

It had been planned that crowds would gather outside the Presidential Palace at night and until Friday morning where they would break into it by breaking its doors and jumping over its walls and announce the fall of the President from within its walls…The Presidential Guard would then have the right legally to open fire at any attempt to storm the Palace because it is a national security issue…and the Presidential Guard is trained, large in number and armed with high-grade weapons…It was a choice between two options…either it opens fire, resulting in a massacre of hundreds or even thousands or it withdraws temporarily to avoid bloodshed – in which instance the state really would have collapsed and Islamists would not have stayed silent but rather would have taken to the streets in millions and it would have been a massacre in the streets…

The Muslim Brotherhood today took a preemptive step by going to the Palace in the afternoon. There were only three tents and around 50 people there while the Muslim Brotherhood were in their thousands…a few altercations and insults and the protesters completely withdrew from around the Palace. The tents were removed and hashish, alcohol and condoms found inside them, “everything is documented in pictures”…After a while a huge crowd armed with homemade teargas bombs, Molotov cocktails, birdshot, live ammunition handguns and knives started attacking the Muslim Brotherhood and so began the clash…99% of the casualties so far are drawn from the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood and were injuries caused by live ammunition and birdshot as well as burns and cut wounds.

Tens of thugs and convicted criminals were arrested and handed over to the Presidential Guard…It would be nice if the people who claim that this was a bad or stupid decision and who hold the Muslim Brotherhood responsible for the blood find out what happened first in detail. The Muslim Brotherhood did this to avoid blood filling the streets and to avoid chaos whose end only God knows…I put up with people who haven’t got the full picture and who haven’t got the strength or nerves to bear events and so spit out any old nonsense. But mockery, arrogance and insistence that [other people] don’t know is disastrous!!!!!!!!

It’s nearly over…The biggest plot to provoke chaos has been foiled.

People who want to understand why the Muslim Brotherhood went to the Presidential Palace – people who really want to understand rather than just for sensationalist reasons – should watch all of the videos below.

Opponent: Why did you go to the Presidential Palace when you knew that there would be blood?

Supporter: Nobody is more concerned than us that that the blood of a single Egyptian not be shed. Proof of this is that we didn’t go to Tahrir Square and that we changed the location of our demonstration to the environs of Cairo University.

But have a look with me and see for yourself what Mamdouh Hamza says:

Alright, forget about Mamdouh Hamza…Look at Amr Afify inciting young people.

Amr Afify is also talking about breaking in…Is this merely a coincidence?????????

Opponent: But the young people would never have broke into the Palace. This was a peaceful protest.

Supporter: I won’t answer you myself, let’s watch this video that shows the protesters attacking and chasing away the Central Security Forces from the Presidential Palace.

OK forget about a video showing fleeing.  Let’s watch something more serious than that….The protesters attacking the Presidential flotilla itself.

– with the knowledge that the Presidency announced that the driver of one of the President’s cars was attacked and that the driver is currently in hospital.

Opponent: The Muslim Brotherhood went to the Presidential Palace to shed blood.

Supporter: Yes that’s right, they were shedding blood and the evidence for this is that the Muslim Brotherhood lost six martyrs.*

Opponent: The Muslim Brotherhood could have dealt with events in a better way. We were all together as revolutionaries in Tahrir Square.

Supporter: We are dealing with felool and not revolutionaries. Or are you trying to have me believe that the revolutionaries attacked Muslim Brotherhood offices? Are you aware that Muslim Brotherhood offices were attacked in Suez, Ismailia and El-Monufeyya yesterday evening?

Would you have me believe that this is all a coincidence????

Sobhy Saleh was attacked during an attempt to kill him and his car was torched. Are these revolutionaries????

We are dealing with felool.

May God hold to account whoever introduced the felool into the equation.

Since when do felools’ interests coincide with those of revolutionaries.

Where is the democracy that you are always mouthing off about????

Isn’t the ballot box the arbiter…or is it protesting and mobilisation????

Use your logic and you will see the truth clearly.

May God protect Egypt from the evil of discord.

Originally published in Arabic on the Daqhileyya Muslim Brotherhood portal.

The nuns of Cairo flock to vote “no” on the constitution 


A church delegation comprising a number of priests, monks, and nuns from monasteries gathered in front Al-Rashid National School in eastern Cairo to vote “no” on the constitution.

The Church intensified mobilizing and channeling their followers to reject the constitution in the referendum, when priests launched so-called “visitation groups” in order to distribute leaflets urging Christians to vote “no” in the referendum, claiming that “a Brotherhood and Salafist constitution does not represent all the Egyptian people,” and that, “the text defining Islamic law will be applied on Copts later,” according to the publication.

The Church paid hundreds of priests and monks to vote “no” in the referendum in accordance with an agreement between Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church Pope Tawadros II, National Salvation Front leaders, and diaspora Copts to unite against the adoption of the constitution.

Religious minorities…Reality and truth


Sayyed Nazeely

On 16 May 2008 newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published an article by writer Amir Tahry which discussed the tragedy of the Uighur Muslims under the headline, “the Forgotten People of China”.

It is the Muslims of China and not Tibetans who are most excluded and banished from the human spirit and most deprived of their human rights according to the standards discussed by the United Nations and international civil society organisations. It is known that the Muslims of Uighur live in an area that used to be called “East Turkestan”. Islam entered it early on, and they were powerful, obstinate and of pure character.

They are of Turkish origins and under the pressure of Chinese murder and terrorisation many Muslim tribes fled to central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran. Small groups stayed to wage war, and they are the reason why China was unable to take control over the region until the middle of the 1960s.

The Chinese frequently attacked this Muslim people and killed millions of them. In 1863 more than one million Uighur Muslims were killed. More than a million Muslims were also killed in the clashes of 1949 when the Chinese Communist regime led by Mao Zedong took over and the province’s independence was abrogated and it was forcibly incorporated into the Republic of China and the following took place:

1. The province was cleared of its Muslim inhabitants who were distributed in other provinces so that they formed a minority in these new areas.

2. An attempt to crush the Muslim’s identity and restrict their acts of devotion and signs of Islam. Mosques were destroyed and schools demolished so that new generations would be formed completely removed from Islam.

3. The Cultural Revolution led by Mao Zedong in the late 1960s was merely a fire whose flames burnt any display of Islam on the pretext of democracy and freedom. How many barbaric crimes have been committed in their name of these false claims across the course of history and until the present day in the era of the American emperor “Bush” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia…etc

Amnesty International published a document in 1999 while Canadian MPs prepared another in 1998 accusing “Peking” of fabricating terrorism charges against the Muslim “Uighur” people and falsely accusing them of being “Islamist fundamentalists” and “Islamist terrorists” and “separatists”. The document affirmed that the “Uighur” were not responsible for any of these terrorist acts. Rather, it is them that are living under dangerous and terrorising domination by the Chinese government. “They had nothing against them, except that they believed in Allah, the All-Mighty, Worthy of all Praise” (Surah Al-Borooj, 8)

This Muslim minority is living under the control of an atheist, communist regime that deprives it of its rights to education, health, dignified work and to participate in managing its own affairs, as well as depriving it of the modern, democratic life that most advanced countries boast about while concealing a simmering hatred of Islam and Muslims and who work on pulling it out at the roots.

Islam protects minority rights

Yes, we say it proudly because over the course of the centuries only Islam has protected minority rights, preserved their humanity and respected their independence, both in the past and in the modern age. Because they are brothers to Muslims and have the same rights and duties, there is no objection to their acts of devotion, rituals, churches and houses of worship, nor their systems, codes, laws, crosses or priests. “Allâh does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes. Verily, Allâh loves those who deal with equity”. (Surah el-Mumtahina, 8) “It is only as regards those who fought against you on account of religion, and have driven you out of your homes, and helped to drive you out, that Allâh forbids you to befriend them. And whosoever will befriend them, then such are the Zâlimûn (wrong-doers those who disobey Allâh)” (Surah el-Mumtahina, 9)

This is the true understanding and practical application of real “citizenship”, commendable neighbourliness and fair and kind treatment.

Far removed from that, in fact in contradiction to it, is the insanity, nonsense and chaos called for by many so-called secularists, atheists, leftists and individuals who are supposedly calling for progress and science and the vestiges of Communists who altered their “compass” and “loyalty” towards America when the Communist Party became bankrupt and ended after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

These individuals represent the hypocrites’ army in Muslim countries. “They hide within themselves what they dare not reveal to you” (Surah Aal-Imran, extract from verse 154).

They know very well that any minority living under Islamic Sharia rule is without doubt a lucky minority, and that its members enjoy privileges and rights, security and wellbeing and respect and freedom – what no Muslim minority living in the finest modern democracy in Europe or America enjoys.

Our Coptic brothers in Egypt know that their safety and security lies in Islamic Sharia, and that Sharia has been applied for more than thirteen centuries without oppression, repression, coercion or aggression against their blood, wealth, honour or beliefs.

Some of them feel that there is religious discrimination and hold conferences in Egypt and abroad, and spend suspect millions on them, and recruit various media agencies for PR purposes and to make a din. And gifts and presents rain down on the self-declared leftists and intellectuals who attend them. They try to throw oil on the fire of strife not out of love for our Coptic brothers or a concern for their interests and rights as they claim, but ultimately out of hatred for Islam and Sharia after they sold themselves to the devil.

The question here poses itself: does “citizenship” and “non-discrimination” mean wiping out the identity of the majority of inhabitants and separating between practicing their religion and applying their Sharia in a way that doesn’t harm the rights or feelings of our brothers in the homeland?!! Is there a Muslim minority anywhere in the world able to govern the majority and prevent it from practicing its religion and say to them don’t practice the religion you believe in because it constitutes aggression against our existence or our rights!!

The situation of some Muslim minorities in the world:

– India has the world’s largest Muslim minority in the world. It numbers more than 200 million and constitutes 20% of the population. Despite living in a relatively democratic society they are subject to murder, arson and destruction every now and again and cannot freely practice their religious rites such as slaughtering cows during Eid Al-Adha; anyone who does so has committed an unforgiveable sin and is attacked by Hindus, the cow worshippers. They kill whoever the kill and burn their houses before withdrawing in complete safety without being subject to any kind of punishment. Where is citizenship here? And where is democracy? And where are so-called human rights?!!

– Since Megellan and the Nazarenes* set foot in the Philippines the Muslims have left their rich land and been forced onto the overworked, barren land. Up until this day they haven’t been content with harassing Muslims, natives of this country (even the capital’s name Manila is a corruption of its Islamic name, aman Allah, “security of God”) and the state’s organised armies, supported by American military aid lay siege to the Muslims in the extreme south of the Philippine islands and refuse to legitimise their existence or accord them self-rule.

–       In “Thailand” and “Myanmar” there are a large number of Muslims who embraced Islam centuries ago and who are now controlled by “Buddhists” treating them to a taste of exclusion, abuse and deprivation of freedom and citizenship rights, education and administrative positions in the managing of their own affairs. They are considered second or third class citizens and have no international Islamic backers to defend them against this oppression.

–       In Ethiopia Muslims form the majority (65% of the population) and yet they are completely deprived of their political rights. They don’t have a minister in power nor anyone in a key position. They do not attend state schools which are in the hands of Nazarenes. Even Kottabs are put under the strain of taxes by the state so that they close and are forbidden from receiving financial aid from abroad. It is known that the Ethiopian army is currently killing Muslims in Somalia on behalf of America.

–       And do you remember “Zanzibar” and “Tanganyika” where a third of the Muslim population were ethnically cleansed and the two entities were combined into one state governed by Nazarenes under the name “Tanzania”!!

–       In France, in the free world: there are calls to expel Muslims, and they and their property are fair game in the most brutal way, even though the enemies [sic “Number” is probably what was meant here] of Muslims stands at seven million Muslims deprived of all their rights.

And so…

We cannot continue to the end of this course because we are running out of breath, our tears are falling and our hearts are shaken by pain, grief and sadness.

But we can say:

  • Muslim minorities everywhere in the world, rather the majority of them, suffer oppression, dominion, subjugation and deprivation from the most basic human rights in a way that no one could imagine and not in conformity with any standards or protocol.
  • Non-Muslim minorities in all Muslim countries, and in particular our Coptic brothers in Egypt, enjoy all their rights, respect, kindness and justice. And it is them who are most aware of this and the wise among them comprehend this very well.
  • Beware of secularists, leftists and those who call for creative chaos, and of the strife people, who don’t necessarily love Copts but rather hate Islam and loathe Sharia and eschew a world governed by morals, virtue, justice and equity.

* النصارى el-nasaara loosely translated as “of Nazareth”, is an arguably linguistically neutral term which has acquired a derogatory meaning by the fact that firstly, Egyptian Christians rarely, if ever, use the term to describe themselves and secondly, it has come to be associated with sectarian rhetoric used by some Islamists. We have chosen to translate the term as “Nazarenes”.

This was originally published in Arabic on 

A big surprise: Gamal Sultan uncovers the secret behind the withdrawal by the Church and some members from the Constitutional Assembly


Gamal Sultan: the Constitutional Assembly as an auction for blackmail

The Constitutional Assembly has been transformed into a big market for political, economic and sectarian one-upmanship. Anyone who wants to push through an economic, sectarian or political interest plays the game, “you leave it and I’ll leave it”.

I don’t know of any logical reason for the announcement by Coptic Orthodox Church officials yesterday that they are thinking of withdrawing from the Constitutional Assembly because they have discovered – six months in – that it is unbalanced and doesn’t represent all factions of the population. Pope Tawadros said a week ago that the Church “will not play politics” and it seems that he considers the constitution a “card game”. In short, the Church wanted to take illegal possession 10,000 feddan of natural protectorate land and ancient antiquities in Fayoum in addition to an attempt to seize thousands of feddans – suddenly and in a premeditated manner – in other areas. This scared state bodies after there was widespread grumbling by many popular and nationalist currents, and walls were demolished, attacks stopped and the land was restored to the state.

Three days later the Church hinted that it would withdraw from the Constituent Assembly without a single logical reason or objection to a single article, because it had previously agreed to all that. In the same context, a “big lawyer” who is a former minister tried to whip up artificial controversy about his withdrawal from the Constituent Assembly. He said that he had “discovered” that it is unbalanced and that the Assembly head runs things according to his whims.

On another occasion, this “intellectual” – who could be described as a mercenary – discovered, six months later, that the head of the Assembly wasn’t running it correctly. He discovered this truth a week after the Presidency refused to agree to his offer of settling the “crime” of the company, an Egyptian-“Gulf” company, to which he is a legal consultant. Settling would mean that the state loses LE 45 billion. When the Presidency refused this he intimated that he would be withdrawing from the Assembly. This lawyer/intellectual is the godfather of most public sector selloff deals, deals that lost Egypt more than LE 120 billion. If Egypt had revolutionary trials after the January revolution this man’s head would have been the first of ten to be hung up in Tahrir Square.

In the same context, a former presidential candidate and Assembly member revealed that the Assembly had deviated from its course and that he had suspended his activities in it and would end his connection with the Assembly the following week without providing any clear reason that could be discussed. He discovered this truth after negotiations on the quota and which will be left to his “new” party in the next parliament.

There are other secular figures who have threatened to withdraw, and haven’t. They are connected or rather stuck to a number of whales from the Mubarak era who are currently suffering wide-ranging institutional movement to reclaim the land they falsely seized and squandered amounts sufficient to settle Egypt’s debts. The committees – formed of more than one ministry and government body – are now earnestly working in several areas, and in particular on desert roads and areas close to urban buildup. Every time arguments intensify we hear about threats to withdraw from the Assembly or the tone of attacks on satellite channels – a number of which are owned by these people – intensifies.

Take for example the blackmail of politicians who lost the presidential race and who think that they had it in the bag or that it is beneath them. Some of them still behave as if they are president and are trying all possible ways of completely destroying the Assembly no matter what amendments are made. They do not want the constitution to be completed in the first place so that the message is sent that Islamists are stalling the country and have failed.

Some of the objections are nauseating, such as the protest against provisions that enable civil society activity on the pretext that they open the door to religious vice squads – despite the fact that those opposing are the ones who called for civil society to be strengthened. Some of the objections are completely meaningless, whether because they are motivated by attempts by some to preserve the “path back” amidst a hubbub of blackmail and intimidation. It is for this reason that these objections are extremely contradictory, and are reminiscent of the situation of actor Adel Imam in the “Cold Drink” play when the court responded to his demand and he replied, “cold?” and they said, “yes”, and he replied, “but I wanted something hot!”

This was originally posted in Arabic on the Qalyoubeyya Muslim Brotherhood portal.