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Sisi’s and Mohamed Ibrahim’s militias openly eat during the day in Ramadan


Activists on social networking sites have been circulating a picture of a soldier from Central Security Forces – who have been agitating revolutionaries today – showing him drinking water openly during the day in Ramadan.

Observers said that this scene confirms reports that Nazarenes* have been selected to confront revolutionaries in the streets.

Activists commented saying, “It’s easy for those who kill during Ramadan to break the fast in Ramadan”.

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This was originally published in Arabic on the portal.

* النصارى el-nasaara loosely translated as “of Nazareth”, is an arguably linguistically neutral term which has acquired a derogatory meaning by the fact that firstly, Egyptian Christians rarely, if ever, use the term to describe themselves and secondly, it has come to be associated with sectarian rhetoric used by some Islamists. We have chosen to translate the term as “Nazarenes”.