Abdel-Rahman El-Barr

Commenting on the killing of Shias in Abo Nomros…Doctor El-Barr: Unjust killing is prohibited


Doctor Abdel-Rahman El-Barr, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guidance Bureau said that it is not permitted to kill anyone without justification, pointing out that Islam considers blood sacred and it may not be spilt whatever the mistake committed.

He added, in press statements commenting on the Shia killings in the Abo Mosallem area of Giza, “we have a system and law for holding to account wrongdoers and those who incite strife. They may not be killed outside the framework of the law”.

El-Barr made clear that the individuals who committed this act are not Islamists who truly know the sanctity of Muslim blood, pointing out that students of knowledge know with conviction the sanctity of blood and the prohibition on killing a Muslim whatever mistake he committed.

He added, “Maybe it was [the Shia victims] who provoked the people by what they were doing and so the people wanted to kill them, but they had a duty to present him [sic] to the relevant authorities who would hold him to account for his actions within the framework of the law”.

This was originally published in Arabic on the Muslim Brotherhood’s Port Said portal.