Doctor Wahdan: Al-Azhar is the fortress of Sunni Islam and there is no place for Shiism in Egypt


El-Sharqeyya, Ahmed Mahmoud

Doctor Mohamed Taha, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau and head of the Brotherhood’s pedagogy department affirmed that the Egyptian people and government will not accept the existence of the spread of Shia Islam in Egypt under any circumstances.

During his speech – given at a forum organised by the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party in the town of Awlad Saqr, El-Sharqeyya, to clarify the vision of current events – Wahdan added that Jewish tourists, people without a religion and cow worshippers come to Egypt…Thus is it logical that a tourist would come for two days to spread his creed?!

He also added that Al-Azhar was founded in order to spread the Shia faith but has become a lighthouse and fortress of Sunni doctrine, and will remain so with God’s will.

He concluded his comments by mentioning the necessity of the Muslim Brotherhood immersing themselves in community work and fulfilling people’s needs, saying, “We want people to see our beneficence, and our motto in the current stage is, ‘a strong will untouched by weakness’”.

The forum was also attended by Al-Azhar University professor Doctor Mostafa Abdel-Halim, former MP El-Sayyed El-Atweel and Doctor Ali Salama Amin, secretary general of the Freedom and Justice Party in Awlad Saqr.

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