Doctor Wahdan: Al-Azhar is the fortress of Sunni Islam and there is no place for Shiism in Egypt


El-Sharqeyya, Ahmed Mahmoud

Doctor Mohamed Taha, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau and head of the Brotherhood’s pedagogy department affirmed that the Egyptian people and government will not accept the existence of the spread of Shia Islam in Egypt under any circumstances.

During his speech – given at a forum organised by the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party in the town of Awlad Saqr, El-Sharqeyya, to clarify the vision of current events – Wahdan added that Jewish tourists, people without a religion and cow worshippers come to Egypt…Thus is it logical that a tourist would come for two days to spread his creed?!

He also added that Al-Azhar was founded in order to spread the Shia faith but has become a lighthouse and fortress of Sunni doctrine, and will remain so with God’s will.

He concluded his comments by mentioning the necessity of the Muslim Brotherhood immersing themselves in community work and fulfilling people’s needs, saying, “We want people to see our beneficence, and our motto in the current stage is, ‘a strong will untouched by weakness’”.

The forum was also attended by Al-Azhar University professor Doctor Mostafa Abdel-Halim, former MP El-Sayyed El-Atweel and Doctor Ali Salama Amin, secretary general of the Freedom and Justice Party in Awlad Saqr.

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The Holocaust…the biggest fraud in history!!


Fathy Shehab

International Zionism managed to extract a United Nations resolution making January 27 of every year International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which Jews claim occurred in the Nazi camp Auschwitz in 1945,* and the whole world and especially Germany became an annual scapegoat for global Zionism in the largest political blackmail the world has ever known.

The myth of the Holocaust, or the extermination of millions of Jews by the Nazis, appears whenever Israel prersists its aggression against the Arabs, or if it is exposed to criticism by global public opinion following the crimes and massacres committed by this aggressive state, even though the myth of the Holocaust is an American product invented by US intelligence agencies in cooperation with their counterparts in allied countries during World War II to destroy the image of their German opponents and to justify a war of massive destruction against military and civilian installations of the Axis powers, and especially the atomic bomb strike of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The prosecution of military leaders of the defeated countries and the formation of the criminal courts in Nuremberg and Tokyo continued from 1945-1950, as required by the law of the jungle when victors prosecuted opponents with pure fiction. Meanwhile they employed the illegal migration of millions of European Jews to the United States during the war years, and considered them missing in Nazi concentration camps, although the demographics of Germany prove that the number of German Jews ranged from 600,000-700,000, and after the war 500,000 were found.

The Holocaust is the is biggest set-up in history invented by the United States, and Israel and global Zionism use it as financial political blackmail against Germany and other eastern European countries. Israel obtained 90 billion DM through 1988, before it demanded payment of new compensation by forging the number of victims. Despite the German rejection to the Zionist blackmail, which does not stop, Germany succumbed to the Zionist demands under pressure from former US president Bill Clinton.

Then Zionism with its greed in 1997 traveled to Switzerland, which was forced to allocate only $200 million to pay the Holocaust victims who did not allow for their circumstances to wait for the ruling of Swiss courts on balances frozen in Swiss banks, because the owners of the accounts had allegedly been killed or migrated even though these banks revealed documentation that the balances of the Jews before the outbreak of the war did not exceed $55 million, and it did not fail to pay their respective owners. All of this Zionist extortion is the largest theft in human history, as described American Jewish historian Norman Finkelstein, who then suggests allocating a portion of German and Swiss Holocaust compensation to Palestinian refugees, especially since Zionist organizations traveled with their greed to Eastern European countries, especially Poland and Romania, under the same allegations. However the disgusting thing is that Israel is demanding compensation for Arab Jews who claim they were forced to leave Arab countries in the 50s and 60s and left behind their property.

However what is the truth about the Holocaust? And is it a lie invented by the Allied Powers and Zionist organizations in Europe and America? Or is it possible that the truth even be exaggerated for the previous reasons? And why is there media and political commotion whenever a researcher or historian exposes it to study and scrutiny, especially if the results of their research deny the Holocaust or the number of victims, they often have to stand in court, and compromises those who dare to deny the Holocaust, question it, or the number of victims, as happened with Canadian publisher Ernst Zündel, British historian David Irving, or French thinker Roger Garaudy.

In a presentation of our answers to these questions, we will confirm whether or not the Holocaust was real- It is a European problem in terms of victims and the crime scene, as are its skeptics or beneficiaries of its authenticity. We as Arabs were not part of it in any way, although it reflects negatively on our position in the struggle, as the more Israel has engaged in aggression against Arabs it reminded the world of the Holocaust to justify its aggression and nuclear weaponry, and so on- this is besides that the fact that compensation that was received did not reach the beneficiaries of the Holocaust victims or their heirs, but went to the treasury of the Israeli war in the largest funding for the real Holocaust against the Palestinian people without media attention or pricking the Arab conscience. Many Western scholars and thinkers have revealed the greatest lie in human history and the most famous among them are:

  1. Robert Faurisson: A former literature professor at the University of Lyon, France and one of the symbols of the current reconsidering the history of Europe, and who described the alleged killing of Jews with poisonous gasses as the process of installing a tremendous financial and political benefit as a fraud from which benefirs Zionist Israel, and that the victim of this set-up are the Germans and Zionist peoples.
  2. Heni Roques: with a doctorate from the University of Nantes, France, he has proved in his scientific thesis that the detective Gerstein, who told the Allied powers of the existence of gas chambers, was a magician and a big fraud. His imagination spun and the whole world believed it as a fact, and Henri Roques emphasizes that Gernstein never actually saw the gas chambers.
  3. Roger Garaudy: In his book The Founding Myths of Israel (1996), which exposes a lot of Israeli claims, inaccuracies, and lies related to the myth of the Holocaust and other myths that Israel derives and its existence from them. The importance of Garaudy’s book is it is made up of tremendous facts that are hard to ignore and with sound Western-backed documentation, in addition that Garaudy is, by all standards, and according to all approaches one of the leading thinkers of the West, and most distant from questioning of bias.
  4. Norman Finkelstein: This is an American writer that published his book The Holocaust Industry (2001) and in it highlighted the active promotion of the myth of the Holocaust in American society particularly and the subsequent escalation of support to make the Israeli Jewish Holocaust an American national event, and memorials for it were established in 50 US states and more than 100 organizations linked to it have been established, in addition to seven massive museums the biggest of which is the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, the only main museum in the US capital for the victims of another state!! Finkelstein says the alleged genocide of the Jews was exploited in the United States for two reasons: Firstly, to justify Israel’s criminal policy against the Palestinians, and secondly, to justify US support for these policies.

The Zionist movement opposes anyone who even thinks about destroying this Zionist sanctity, and considers him a neo-Nazi anti-Semite. Zionist stances range from assassinations to media campaigns to lawsuits. For example, French historian François Duprat was killed by a bomb in his car by operatives of the Save the Jewish Memory Group in France. The famous Robert Faurisson suffered his turn with an intense beating by activists from this group when they crossed his path when he was strolling in one of the major gardens in the French city of Vichy, and when he woke up in the hospital following this beating he found a piece of paper in his pocket that read, “We beat you this time…but next time we will bury you in the cemetery with our hands.”

The French historian Henri Roques, who received a Ph.D. in history, proved that the Holocaust is a myth manufactured by Allied intelligence and global Zionism. He subject to a strange punishment in European liberalism. When he printed his message in a book, the world was turned upside down against the historian and his book, so the university cancelled his doctoral dissertation in which he had received the highest honors and the French government banned the circulation of his book based on a specific law legislated by the French Zionists. It is the Fabius-Gayssot Law issued on June 13, 1990, which bans historians from delving into the issue of the Holocaust…It is the same law under which French philosopher Roger Garaudy, who tried to question the number of victims of the Holocaust in his famous book The Founding Myths, was prosecuted. In Canada a lawsuit was filed against Canadian published Ernst Zündel, because he dared to publish books questioning the Holocaust and when Robert Faurisson suggested that Zündel’s lawyer ask Leuchter, the person responsible for gas executions in american prison, for help in the form of writing a report on nazi camp gas chambers for Zündel, Leuchter also faced a Zionist defamation campaign, and complaints were made against him to the American Engineering Association, accusing him of impersonating an engineer in his famous accomplishment. He was also charged with tampering with lab analysis when presenting the samples obtained from Nazi camps, and the Zionist campaign succeeded in silencing Leuchter.

Perhaps the most famous cases in this respect are those filed by British historian David Irving against Zionist researcher Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin House, the publisher of her book., because firstly it questioned his credibility as a historian when he tried to clear the Nazis of the myth of the Holocaust, and held the Allied Powers guilty for heating the international atmosphere, which led to World War II, which claimed the lives of over 20 million people.

Of course, the case ended in favor of the political and financial influence of Zionist organizations in the case that was crucial to those organizations and the Zionist entity, and against David Irving; not because he is an opinionated and subjective historian-he also questioned the two defendants, the organizations, and the countries that funded them-or because he twisted the facts and dealt with documents on a whim, but because he put his hand in a hornets’ nest and tried to put a lock on a particular Zionist extortion, which was unyielding through his determination to expose the immorality waged in World War II and his late sympathy with the Arab cause in the face of Zionist aggression, which has been carrying out a mass campaign against the Palestinian people the massacres from 1947/1948 until now.

*Translator’s note: International Holocaust Remembrance Day is on the day Auschwitz was liberated, which is what the writer means.

Jewish morals as portrayed in the teachings of the Old Testament and Talmud, Part 1


Dr. Ismail Ali Mohamed

The immutability of the deviant Jewish character:

It is apparent to anyone with eyes that the Jewish character – wherever and however it is found – is never innocent of deviance, free of vice, and does not waste a day in pursuit of sowing vice in the world. It is a character that in its totality has never succeeded in living peacefully and relating well to those it lives among; we do not exaggerate when we say that it is a character that has continued to be a source of evil and harm to every human society. In other words: it is a character that is incompatible with every human society.

History, now and ever has witnessed the truth of the deviance of this character. Jews have lived within the bosom of Islam, in the first Muslim community, under the leadership of the best of God’s creation, Mohammed (PBUH). Despite being blessed with fair treatment, they quickly revealed their true unstable natures and broke their treaties with the Muslims and betrayed them, joining the infidels, turning away from God and his Prophet and harming Muslims, causing them to exile the Jews from Medina as just punishment for their treachery and betrayal.

In the modern age, the Jews have dedicated their financial, media and executive influence, where it has been granted to them, to undermine the pillars of virtue and to disseminate destruction and vice; prostitution, usury, warfare, and the like.

Finally, with the assistance of the conspiratorial West, seeking to rid itself of a Jewish presence in Europe, they raped Palestine, displaced its people and spread destruction, murder and perdition among its residents and their villages until most Arab Palestinian villages were completely demolished and their people exterminated, including women and children.

What the Jewish gangs did to the Arab villages in Palestine before the proclamation of the Jewish state, and what the army that was formed out of those criminal gangs did after that proclamation, the massacres and slaughters that occur to this day have become too clear to possibly be ignored. Books and publications have spewed forth thousands of documents exposing the criminal conduct of the Jews. The world has even become accustomed to witnessing these horrors and massacres on television screens and various media, and sometimes live on the air, and have done nothing.

Through so-called negotiations and conventions it has become grossly apparent that the Jews have never kept a promise to the Arabs, who have left no stone unturned, and have recognized them and entered into negotiations with them, until we now – astonishingly – see conventions held for the implementation of prior conventions, while the Jews have no care for or faithfulness to any vow, and give no weight to any agreement or promise unless it benefits them according to their calculations, goals and interests.

On the contrary, the Jews have become ever more brazen in their iniquity, which has spanned every form of degradation, corruption, antagonism, betrayal, hypocrisy and racism, with false arrogance and stupid pride, and without restraint of any kind, but rather with constant escalation and stealthy growth in proportion to their expanding financial means, which they obtain through the assistance of the West and the decline of the Muslims and Arabs.

The role of Jewish religious tradition in inculcating their deviant conduct:

The question here begs itself:

Why does the Jewish character so cling to deviance and instability?!!

It is known to behavioural scientists that religious beliefs and cultural traditions that a person is taught and brought up in have a huge and critical impact on the formation of his character and the shaping of his behaviour and actions, especially if said thought and culture glorifies and sanctifies the ethnic group to which he belongs and lives among.

That is the truth: people reveal by their actions and conduct what their souls and minds think, know and believe, and it is not possible to distinguish a person’s understandings and his culture from his actions.

In reality the greatest cause of the deviant Jewish character throughout history lies in the philosophical, religious, and cultural background they inherit, in which each generation is brought up and nurtured. It is a background that Jews hold sacred and great, taught to them by equally great and holy rabbis and they do not have the imagination to do other than obey this sacred cultural heritage’s dictates and comply with them.

Therefore we confirm a dangerous truth, which is that the deviance that surrounds the Jewish character and the vice that surrounds his behaviour is neither coincidental nor temporary, and unrelated to specific circumstances or conditions of crisis, or with any specific people. It is deviance that stems from deep philosophical roots in the being of the Jew and in his mind and soul, and rests on a solid body of knowledge that runs like blood in his veins, and which is largely responsible for the formation of his character and to justify his behaviour across the ages under varying circumstances and conditions.

The Old Testament and the Talmud are the two greatest sacred sources of Jewish thought, and are referred to and relied on by most Jews with regards to doctrine, law and morality, in addition to their belief that they are divinely inspired.

Anyone who reflects on the conduct of Jews anywhere in the world finds that it is an identical reflection of their philosophical, cultural and religious tradition.

On examining this Jewish philosophical, cultural and religious tradition we find that it contains beliefs and dictates to Jews that can easily make them unstable in their relationship with God, with the prophets, and all of humanity, and has the ability to sustain evil and deviant tendencies in the Jewish soul, as is unfortunately the case.

It is thus a dangerous fuel, and a burgeoning evil. There is no use waiting for the Jews to reform their path as long as this sacred tradition is their reference and inspiration and has the last word in all their affairs, and as long as they are adamant on forming the characters of future generations in accordance with its corrupt and misguided concepts and understandings.

When a person looks at the Old Testament and the Talmud and what they have borne in terms of ideas, visions and studies, such as the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and the edicts of rabbis, and other products of Jewish thought, he finds that they bear insidious hatred for all of mankind, and provide the Jewish character with a model for deviant, backwards behaviour towards all of humanity. It teaches them prejudice against non-Jews and false vanity and wrongful arrogance towards God’s creations. These sources, seen as sacred in their eyes, instill in them hypocrisy and deception, and even betrayal, and allow the unlawful taking of the blood, possessions, honour and sacred things of non-Jews, in addition to other forms of deviance. The Jewish character is now overflowing with enmity to all mankind, as a result of and influenced by these sources they hold sacred, from which we will provide quotes in support of the above, to give those sacred texts a chance to testify as to the vice-ridden, deviant Jewish character.

By Dr. Ismail Ali Mohamed

Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Daawa Department at the Faculty of Religious and Daawa sources in Al Azhar, Mansoura.

This was originally published in Arabic on Ikhwanonline.

Translated by SZ.

Dr. Morsy: The Zionist American Committee on Religious Freedoms



Dr. Mohammed Morsy, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, stated that the U.S. Congressional Commission on Religious Freedom has shady goals, and its visit to Egypt was only in service of international Zionism, indicating that the Vice-Chair and prominent member of the Commission is Sils Gayers*, the president of the American Jewish Committee, known for her antithetical positions on Egypt, its government and people.

Morsy said: the lack of transparency surrounding the Commission’s visit and its agenda, in addition to its members’ staying at the American Embassy, confirms their pre-existing bad faith towards Egypt, and aims at raising apprehension about the Egyptian people and portraying them as persecuting the Christian minorities among them. He said that the Commission should by rights be visiting other countries that persecute minorities, such as the Palestinians and “48 Arabs” who live in the Zionist entity, and should prioritize going to see the genocide conducted by the Zionist occupation army. It would have been better for them – as they claim to be democratic and in favour of human rights – to research and investigate the practices of American forces in Iraq and in Guantanamo Prison, which history has not witnessed the like of, as if the United States has enslaved the world and granted itself the right to interfere in its affairs in accordance with its interest.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanonline, Dr. Morsy stated that the Commission is biased and racist, biased in form and substance towards the Zionist entity, and forms part of the United States’ plan to be the world’s policeman. He clarified that Egypt has never seen prejudice among its religious groups, and that there is nowhere on earth where faiths coexist as well as they do in Egypt, where Christians practice their beliefs freely, form part of the national fabric, have ministers in the Cabinet and representatives in Parliament, and have strong friendships with Muslims that tie them together historically, to the extent that Muslim men have taken Christian wives, a circumstance unparalleled throughout the world. Even in Europe there is no freedom between Christian denominations comparable with the harmony between the Muslims and Copts of Egypt.

At the same time, he insisted that Egypt is one fabric without fault, and questioned why there was this attempt to portray Egypt as having a problem. He called on the Commission to go to Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans, and even to France, Germany, Italy and Britain, to see for themselves how Muslims are treated there, and how they are persecuted over their Muslim appearance, and how their mosques and companies are threatened.

Dr. Morsy called on the Commission to see what happens in their own country, not against Muslims, but against naturalized citizens, and how they are discriminated against. He stated that the Brotherhood are not against those who defend human rights, but they are against those who try to use this to destroy Egypt and fray its fabric. He clarified that this does not mean they are defending the government, but simply taking a patriotic position against any who try to trifle with what this nation holds dear.

Dr. Morsy affirmed that the Commission’s priority should be to go to Palestine and report on what the Zionist criminal organization is doing to the Palestinians, indicating that there is no greater proof of the Commission’s bad faith and motivations than its country’s refusal to condemn the building of the apartheid wall which was condemned by the International Court of Justice. He asked if any Egyptian had complained to the Commission that they were persecuted? Had anyone said that Egypt has problems between its Christians and Muslims? He denied that anyone could do so except those weak souls who do not want stability in Egypt.

He clarified that these types work alone, and are rejected by the Egyptian church itself because they are attempting to relate the problems of life that occur between citizens, Muslim or Christian, to issues caused by religion and belief. He said that what we want from this Commission is to leave Egypt and never return, because Egypt –its Muslims and Christians – don’t need them.

There was an air of mystery surrounding the Commission’s visit to Egypt from last Thursday, and clear secrecy surrounding its agenda, which begins on Sunday with a meeting with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, then with the Mufti of Egypt, then with Dr. Mostafa El Feky – head of the Parliamentary International Relations Committee, and Pope Shenouda and Archbishop Wissa, and various Coptic figures like lawyer Mamdouh Nakhla, who issued a statement welcoming the Commission’s visit and its intervention in Egyptian affairs.

*”Sils Gayers” is actually Felice D. Gaer

This was originally published in Arabic on Ikhwanonline, but has since been removed. It is accessible here.