Amer Shamakh writes: an American “scenario” for toppling the regime


A friend sent me a report that he said had been leaked from Congress – and responsibility for this [claim] lies with him of course – containing details about an American plot to remove President Mohamed Morsy from power and do away with various aspects of Islam. We are publishing this in order to reaffirm that God has full control over His affairs and that the proud Egyptian Muslim people’s will is above the American’s will and above that of their protector – that is if the report was issued by the American administration. If it wasn’t, then we present – without any embarrassment – the opinion of the person who slyly released this report, which I believe contains many expectations sounded these days.

In its introduction the report affirms that the opposition, led by the National Salvation Front, has completely failed to market itself as a suitable alternative to the elected president, despite possessing tools (Mubarak’s media and businessmen, a large security apparatus, intelligence services, united Copts, huge numbers of thugs and a corrupt, bloated administration that is sympathetic to the former president).

The report describes this failure as: their lack of success in selling the idea of election forgery, their failure to corner the president through widespread protests, the rapid failure of the idea of civil disobedience and, finally, the failure to sell the idea of complete chaos coinciding with big events (the Rafah funeral, the events at the Presidential Palace…etc)

The report relies on Mubarak’s judiciary, who might be the hero of the next stage, and succeed in doing what the opposition failed to do in the past period.

The report outlines a basic plan that relies on:

1. A deluge of judicial verdicts affecting all decisions by the president and his supporters.

2. Interference by the judicial branch in the executive branch and prevention of the executive branch interfering in the judicial branch.

3. Acquittal of anyone who took part in building corruption or killing revolutionaries. This is aimed at making a space within Egyptian minds for the question: who killed them then?

4. Prevention of any funds returning [to Egypt] so that state coffers are not refreshed. “Financial siege”.

Probable occurrences in this scenario (which is expected to last three months):

– Continuing adherence to the Pakistani model. “The judicial weapon”.

– Sending a message to unimportant killers that they will not be held to account while at the same time sending another message to funders and the important killers that the end is near and the money spent will be reimbursed after Morsy’s toppling. “The Adnan Menderes model”.

– Finishing off the president through a judicial verdict or several verdicts during the three months or overturning his legitimacy at the end of June 2013.

– Issuing one or more judicial verdicts ruling that the elections were forged in Morsy’s interest.

– A Supreme Constitutional Court verdict immediately following this dismissing the president.

– These verdicts will convince both the west and the people that the president has lost legitimacy and must be deprived of his position and indeed his life together with his Islamist supporters who caused all these disturbances.

– Creation of complete chaos beginning with the assassination of several famous media and judicial personalities and accusing Islamists of being behind them.

– After the Pakistani model has ended the Turkish one begins – “the execution of Adnan Menderes” – accompanied by a powerful media wave.

– The Algerian model then begins for ten years during which Islamists are totally annihilated.

– A call for national reconciliation (which is refused by Islamists under siege in caves) and an end to the existence of Islamic manifestations and the wiping out of its features.

The report also contains the following two remarks:

– The creation of complete chaos by the opposition now will break it, and its members will appear as rebels to the people and the west. In contrast, chaos after the verdict dismissing the president will make both the people and the west feel that it is Islamists who planned this chaos.

– These verdicts will destroy Islamist morale and make them feel that the president misled them by failing to deliver a pre-emptive strike in order to avoid their slaughter.

The report ends here. We are waiting to see what the coming days bring, and whether they will prove the report’s veracity. In any case everyone must be on their guard, because we do not doubt that there are conspiracies against this ancient country carried out – alas – by a group of its disrespectful sons…We ask God for protection.

This was originally published in Arabic on the Freedom and Justice Party portal.