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FJP Helwan Facebook page on church attacks

The Pope of the Church is involved in the removal of the first elected Islamist president.

The Pope of the Church alleges Islamic Sharia is backwards, stubborn, and reactionary.

The Pope of the Church sponsors Black Bloc groups to create chaos, pursue banditry, and siege and storm mosques.

The Church mobilizes the Copts in June 30 demonstrations to topple the Islamist president.

The Pope of the Church  objects to the articles of Islamic identity and withdraws from the Constituent Assembly.

The Pope of the Church was the first to respond to Al-Sisi’s call to authorize the killing of Muslims and the outcome of the authorization was more than 500 dead today.

The Pope of the Church sends a memo to the current commission to cancel the articles of Sharia.

After all this people ask why they burn the churches.


Burning houses of worship is a crime.

And for the Church to declare war against Islam and Muslims is the worst offense.

For every action there is a reaction.

This was originally published in Arabic on the Freedom and Justice Party’s Helwan Facebook page.



Downfall of the first martyr in Sohag with the bullets of Al-Sisi’s interior ministry


Radwan Abdel Mohsen

Groups of Nazarene* thugs under the protection of police tried to disperse demonstrators at the time in which a large number of protesters were flocking to the square, while a group of revolutionaries cut off Ikhmim Bridge and the governorate offices, where interior ministry thugs fired live ammunition and birdshot at them.

* النصارى el-nasaara loosely translated as “of Nazareth”, is an arguably linguistically neutral term which has acquired a derogatory meaning by the fact that firstly, Egyptian Christians rarely, if ever, use the term to describe themselves and secondly, it has come to be associated with sectarian rhetoric used by some Islamists. We have chosen to translate the term as “Nazarenes”.