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North Sinai rises up after Tarawih prayers: ‘we got a president through elections, Al-Sisi removed him with tanks’


Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

Political Islamist parties, forces and movements organized demonstrations and a mass march yesterday evening in Al-Nasr Mosque Square after Tarawih prayers in Al-Arish in support of President Morsy with the participation of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Labor Party, Al-Wasat Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahl Al-Sunna, Al-Jamaa, Al-Salafiya Al-Daaweya, the Salafist Front, revolutionary forces, and the youth of the governorate.

The demonstrators chanted slogans including, “say it strongly, people of Sinai…Morsy is the president of the republic,” “we got a president through elections, Al-Sisi removed him with tanks,” “military rule again is difficult, Morsy is the authority and we are the people,” “lock your door, Al-Sisi became a butcher,” “kill one, kill one hundred, we won’t leave it for thieves,” and “Oh God, the all-loving, they killed our sisters in prostration.”

The demonstrators raised Egyptian flags along with pictures of President Mohamed Morsy and banners with messages supporting legitimacy.

The demonstrators stressed those who undertook the coup are trying to kill the revolution and drown the country in a quagmire of violence and blood, noting that they would prefer to expose their chests to bullets, but continue their peaceful demonstrations and marches, and that in Iran they have a lesson where they opened their chests to bullets until the army finally surrendered.

They added that violence delays the Islamic project, and that they are not against the army and do not antagonize it, but the military leaders are in one camp while 90 million Egyptians are in another camp.

They also announced that the reasons behind the coup against President Morsy were that he was preparing to make three important decisions. They are: to purge the judiciary, to purge the police, and to purge the army.

They denounced Sheikh Al-Azhar’s alliance with the Nazarenes* to topple the president-elect and said that Islam would be victorious in the end, and that the first sign of victory will be the Friday march, confirming that the revolution continues until the will of the people is fulfilled.

* النصارى el-nasaara loosely translated as “of Nazareth”, is an arguably linguistically neutral term which has acquired a derogatory meaning by the fact that firstly, Egyptian Christians rarely, if ever, use the term to describe themselves and secondly, it has come to be associated with sectarian rhetoric used by some Islamists. We have chosen to translate the term as “Nazarenes”.


The enemy’s television: ElBaradei and coup military leaders visited the Zionist entity


Ahmed Hazzaa

El-Hewar satellite channel quoting Zionist television said that Mohamed ElBaradei, the vice president appointed by the authors of the coup visited the entity’s capital accompanied by a group of coup military leaders for several hours.

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A Christian man, after his conversion to Islam, heralds the return of President Morsy


Sayed Al-Tayeb

Anwar Bashir, who announced his conversion to Islam, took part in the sit-in in Hurghada rejecting the military coup holding two shrouds demanding the return of President Morsy and the trial of Tawadros, Al-Sisi, and ElBaradei. He confidently said: God willing Mohamed Morsy will return before 17 Ramadan and Islam will triumph.

About the incident of his conversion to Islam he said: In a dream I heard a call saying in a loud voice: “Pray”- So I got up to pray the prayer of the Christians and slept, but it would return and say “not this prayer. Pray” and this continued for days until I went to Al-Safwa Mosque where the brothers taught me ablutions and prayer, and they told me: “When [the call] comes to you, do this,” and when the dawn came I got up and did as they said: I did the ablutions, prayed two rakats, and slept and the call did not return again. So, I went to them and they said to me “the choice is yours” so I converted to Isam without telling anyone for a year.

I once went to Al-Shaheed Abdel Moneim Riyad Mosque and one of the worshippers noted the cross on my hand and advised me to go to Al-Azhar, and indeed, praise God, I declared that I was Muslim and I surgically removed the cross and got married here in Hurghada after I left my last wife who rejected Islam.

The stage at Rabaa: A Christian women in Sohag announces her conversion to Islam after the massacre of the [Republican] Guards 


Tareq Ali, Khaled Afify, and Magdy Essam

It was announced on the main stage at Rabaa Al-Adaweya that a Christian girl named Mary from Sohag announced her conversion to Islam to condemn what happened to peaceful demonstrators in front of the Republican Guard headquarters.

Activity on the stage began a short while ago, where slogans in favor of legitimacy and in support of Dr. Mohamed Morsy were chanted.

Dr. Salah Sultan, secretary-general of the High Council for Islamic Affairs, said, “I felt very sad for what the army did in firing live ammunition on peaceful protesters, noting that there was excessive violence from the police and army.”

He stressed that the press conference of the Armed Forces and police spread many lies, and sarcastically told the protesters to take out all the alcohol and whiskey from the tents.

The criminal, slaughterer, treacherous murderer of those praying is transferring a big number of Armed Forces conscripts to Cairo railway station

Sherif Mansour

The criminal, slaughterer, trecherous murderer of those praying is transferring a big number of Armed Forces conscripts to Cairo station by train. All of them are wearing civilian clothing so that they can be put in Tahrir Square in order to fool people into thinking that they are supporters of the oppressive coup. It seems that Central Security Forces troops were not enough, so the traitor was forced to seek recourse to army soldiers…El-Sissi is currently really perturbed and confused….I urge this to be shared widely.

This is a Facebook status by Misr 25 Channel presenter Sherif Mansour published in Arabic on the Ikhwanonline Twitter feed and Facebook page.


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Ahmed Mansour reveals: A Jew in Egypt’s seat of power


Abdallah Metawaa

Well known broadcaster Ahmed Mansour has said that Adly Mansour, head of the Supreme Constitutional Court and who has been appointed President of Egypt by the army, is considered to be a Seventh Day Adventist, which is a Jewish sect.

Ahmed Mansour revealed in a post on his Facebook page that Adly tried to approach Christianity but the Coptic pope refused to baptise him.

Ahmed Mansour mentioned ElBaradei’s position when he said that he would not take part in a Shura Council that denies the holocaust!!! This is a token gesture offered to the Jews by ElBaradei so that he can become President of the Republic in the fake elections that the military will guard and whose results they will falsify in their interests…All with the approval of America, Israel and the Arabs, of course.

Ahmed Mansour said in his post, “this is the glorious scene of the future of Egypt and the Arabs, who competed to recognise the coup, the coup whose drum the secularists are dancing to…even to the extent that one of them, who hates religion, Islam and the nation announced that he has been reborn…and that his date of birth is 30/6, that is, the day the army of defeats staged a coup against ballot box legitimacy.

Counsellor Adly Mansour – head of the Supreme Constitutional Court and who will temporarily hold the post of President of Egypt after being appointed by the Armed Forces after the removal of President Mohamed Morsy – will begin his duties today after swearing an oath before the General Assembly of the Constitutional Court.

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Imaginary protests in Downtown Cairo and the streets of Giza


Reda Abdel-Wodoud

In an attempt to persuade citizens to take to the streets and participate in protests, a number of cars with microphones attached to them sporadically moved round the streets of Downtown Cairo and some streets in Giza playing recordings of protests. The loud noise caused annoyance to shop owners and residents.

A number of citizens sitting in coffee shops expressed their anger and astonishment at this attempt to rile up the street and delude citizens who preferred to stay at home because of the scenes of violence we are witnessing on television screens into thinking that protests have reached his street and house.

This was originally published in Arabic on the Freedom and Justice portal.