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El-Erian on Boston Marathon bombings


The criminal acts in Boston, which killed three and wounded 244, comes in the context of reproducing an old case that will not return and not produce negative effects on Islam and Muslims.

Our sympathy with the families of the victims, and the American people do not stop us from reading into the grave incident.

This series of events began with the sending of French battalions to Mali in a war against organisations that are said to belong to Al-Qaeda.

Bombings intensified in Syria in a suspicious manner that deviated from the path of the great Syrian revolution, and smear campaigns began.

Violent explosions returned, rearing their ugly heads again in Iraq, targeting peaceful movements aiming for needed reform.

After a reasonable calm in Somalia, the capital Mogadishu shook again, leading to lowered confidence in the new president and government.

The historic agreement, which ended the fiercest regional conflict, between Erdogan and the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is faltering.

A question that forces itself: Who disturbed democratic transformations, despite the difficult transition from despotism, corruption, poverty, hatred, and intolerance to freedom, justice tolerance, development, human dignity, and social justice?

Who planted Islamophobia through research, the press, and the media?

Who funded the violence?

The march of the Arab peoples will continue, and the will of right, justice, and dignity will triumph, and Syria will triumph to democratic transition movements with the permission of the victorious One God Almighty, who cannot be rendered incapable.

Originally published on the Facebook page of Dr. Essam El-Erian.




El-Erian on the Iraqi invasion & ElBaradei


19 days after the declaration of war and the start of the invasion and the hotting up of the war, Baghdad fell under the tank tracks of America and its allies.

The war was born out of a grand lie spread by the mendacious, immoral media which claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that it had connections with Al-Qaeda.

The results of the war were disastrous everywhere, in Iraq, in the Gulf, in the Arab world, in Europe, in America and internationally.

The people punished the politicians who paved the way for and started the war and brazenly lied to the public. Only Colin Powell has apologised. Of this group, Berlusconi protected by his billions in Italy remains, as does Blair with his smooth tongue.

One day, if there is global reform, they might stand before the International Criminal Court so that it has more credibility. With them might stand those who concealed the outrageous suggestion that Iraq was capable of possessing weapons of mass destruction without speaking a word that could have exculpated Iraq and consequently justified the invasion. This was the International Atomic Agency and its men, at the head of which was its head who for 12 years represented America and Europe and who was not supported or nominated by his country Egypt: Dr. Mohamed El Baradei.

These individuals must be tried domestically and internationally.

Originally published on the Facebook page of Dr. Essam El-Erian.


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