In videos: plans to burn down the Presidential Palace on Thursday and Friday


In videos:

It had been planned that crowds would gather outside the Presidential Palace at night and until Friday morning where they would break into it by breaking its doors and jumping over its walls and announce the fall of the President from within its walls…The Presidential Guard would then have the right legally to open fire at any attempt to storm the Palace because it is a national security issue…and the Presidential Guard is trained, large in number and armed with high-grade weapons…It was a choice between two options…either it opens fire, resulting in a massacre of hundreds or even thousands or it withdraws temporarily to avoid bloodshed – in which instance the state really would have collapsed and Islamists would not have stayed silent but rather would have taken to the streets in millions and it would have been a massacre in the streets…

The Muslim Brotherhood today took a preemptive step by going to the Palace in the afternoon. There were only three tents and around 50 people there while the Muslim Brotherhood were in their thousands…a few altercations and insults and the protesters completely withdrew from around the Palace. The tents were removed and hashish, alcohol and condoms found inside them, “everything is documented in pictures”…After a while a huge crowd armed with homemade teargas bombs, Molotov cocktails, birdshot, live ammunition handguns and knives started attacking the Muslim Brotherhood and so began the clash…99% of the casualties so far are drawn from the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood and were injuries caused by live ammunition and birdshot as well as burns and cut wounds.

Tens of thugs and convicted criminals were arrested and handed over to the Presidential Guard…It would be nice if the people who claim that this was a bad or stupid decision and who hold the Muslim Brotherhood responsible for the blood find out what happened first in detail. The Muslim Brotherhood did this to avoid blood filling the streets and to avoid chaos whose end only God knows…I put up with people who haven’t got the full picture and who haven’t got the strength or nerves to bear events and so spit out any old nonsense. But mockery, arrogance and insistence that [other people] don’t know is disastrous!!!!!!!!

It’s nearly over…The biggest plot to provoke chaos has been foiled.

People who want to understand why the Muslim Brotherhood went to the Presidential Palace – people who really want to understand rather than just for sensationalist reasons – should watch all of the videos below.

Opponent: Why did you go to the Presidential Palace when you knew that there would be blood?

Supporter: Nobody is more concerned than us that that the blood of a single Egyptian not be shed. Proof of this is that we didn’t go to Tahrir Square and that we changed the location of our demonstration to the environs of Cairo University.

But have a look with me and see for yourself what Mamdouh Hamza says:

Alright, forget about Mamdouh Hamza…Look at Amr Afify inciting young people.

Amr Afify is also talking about breaking in…Is this merely a coincidence?????????

Opponent: But the young people would never have broke into the Palace. This was a peaceful protest.

Supporter: I won’t answer you myself, let’s watch this video that shows the protesters attacking and chasing away the Central Security Forces from the Presidential Palace.

OK forget about a video showing fleeing.  Let’s watch something more serious than that….The protesters attacking the Presidential flotilla itself.

– with the knowledge that the Presidency announced that the driver of one of the President’s cars was attacked and that the driver is currently in hospital.

Opponent: The Muslim Brotherhood went to the Presidential Palace to shed blood.

Supporter: Yes that’s right, they were shedding blood and the evidence for this is that the Muslim Brotherhood lost six martyrs.*

Opponent: The Muslim Brotherhood could have dealt with events in a better way. We were all together as revolutionaries in Tahrir Square.

Supporter: We are dealing with felool and not revolutionaries. Or are you trying to have me believe that the revolutionaries attacked Muslim Brotherhood offices? Are you aware that Muslim Brotherhood offices were attacked in Suez, Ismailia and El-Monufeyya yesterday evening?

Would you have me believe that this is all a coincidence????

Sobhy Saleh was attacked during an attempt to kill him and his car was torched. Are these revolutionaries????

We are dealing with felool.

May God hold to account whoever introduced the felool into the equation.

Since when do felools’ interests coincide with those of revolutionaries.

Where is the democracy that you are always mouthing off about????

Isn’t the ballot box the arbiter…or is it protesting and mobilisation????

Use your logic and you will see the truth clearly.

May God protect Egypt from the evil of discord.

Originally published in Arabic on the Daqhileyya Muslim Brotherhood portal.